Who is participating in C4R?

C4R includes approximately 50,000 adults in the US who are already participating in one of 14 collaborating cohort studies. 

Are participants from all over the US?  

Participants in C4R come from across the continental United States. This map indicates the location clinical sites (blue circles, proportional to the number of participants per site), cohort coordinating centers (red), and C4R coordinating centers (yellow). The homes of participants who are examined exclusively using remote visits (i.e., without a clinical site), are shown by blue dots.

Map of the US showing the cohorts' distribution

Does C4R include individuals from different race and ethnic groups?

C4R includes a multi-ethnic population: 24% of C4R participants are Black, 21% are Latinx, 5% are American Indian/Alaskan Native, 2% are Asian, and 47% are White.

Race/Ethnicity distribution of the C4R population.

How can I participate in C4R?

Unfortunately, if you are not already participating in one of the cohort studies, it is not possible to enroll in C4R directly at this time.