Research opportunities

Over 100 investigators are already collaborating on C4R. If you are already an established investigator with one of the 14 cohorts, the first step will be to reach out to that cohort to learn more about opportunities. 

C4R welcomes manuscript and ancillary study proposals that seek to answer questions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The C4R Publications & Presentations (P&P) policy is available for download below, along with the C4R Common Proposal Form. The C4R P&P Subcommittee will review proposals for potential overlap. For pre-submission inquiries, please contact [email protected]

C4R PP Policies 21Apr2022.pdf

C4R Common Proposal Form_13Jan2022.docx



An ancillary study includes:

  • A project that collects new data in C4R, whether directly from participants or from previously collected samples, images, or other sources (e.g., medical records).
  • A project that analyzes existing C4R data as part of a new external funding application.

All ancillary studies will be reviewed by C4R Cohort Coordinating Committee (CCC) as well as component cohort AS committees. If you would like to propose an ancillary study for C4R, please contact us at [email protected] for a consultation.

The C4R Analysis Commons is a cloud-based data sharing and analysis platform on BioData Catalyst powered by Seven Bridges. The C4R Analysis Commons is a secure workspace where data can be uploaded, shared, and analyzed by the C4R Data Coordination and Harmonization Center as well as investigators at other institutions. Once a proposal is approved, investigators involved with that proposal will be granted access to a restricted project folder on the platform to proceed with analysis. An introduction to the C4R Analysis Commons is provided below, along with account registration instructions. Access to recorded training sessions can be provided upon request.

Introduction to the C4R Analysis Commons: C4R Analysis Commons Training.pdf

Getting Started Guide:

To stimulate analysis of C4R data, to advance C4R’s scientific goals, and to provide career development opportunities, C4R will award up to ten mini-awards of $5,000 to early career investigators, with particular priority given to URMs and Women faculty. Interested candidates are encouraged to submit an analysis proposal [C4R Common Proposal Form.docx] to the C4R publications committee. All proposals to use C4R data to address any relevant scientific domains of C4R, including neurocognitive issues, will be considered potentially eligible; no additional application materials are required.


Many C4R investigators lead T32 training grants, including one at the Columbia University Data Coordinating and Harmonization Center ( Please contact us for inquiries regarding these opportunities at [email protected].